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Pajzos Winery

As a consultant, his empathy and humility in learning

about client issues is reassuring. He is not one for hurried solutions;

instead, he evaluates with precision and executes in confidence.

Rare is the wine professional who tastes with an eye to the consumer

market yet dispenses vineyard and cellar advice imbued with pure


Laurent Comas



Pivnica Csernus

Success arrived to our winery as a result of Laci Bálint’s guidance. We now export our bottles to Europe and overseas, scaffolded by Laci’s business acumen. Laci’s expertise illuminated the path to victory for our little family winery here in Slovakia, and we’re thrilled to partner with him.

Karoly Csernus



Creatura Wine

He’s a wine guru of sorts; collaborating with him has been an opportunity

for learning and growth. He’s a uniquely effective collaborator, shining a

broad scope of international attention on our indigenous varietals. We love

working with him because he considers the scope and requirements of his

clients (in reality, clients who all become friends)…


BORIGÓ magazine, Hungary’s premier online wine magazine, considers Laci Bálint its

most qualified contributor. His expertise, his adept understanding of viticulture

and wine represent a unique and irreplaceable value to our publication.



Gábor Bányai Botond


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